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Today we are going to talk about fats. 

Contrary to what has been conventionally taught for over 50 years, not all fats are our enemy! 

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In his book “Dr. Colbert‘s Keto Zone Diet” Dr. Colbert clears up the confusion about fats starting on page 100.

First we need to recognize that there are four groups of fats :

A. trans fats

B. saturated fats

C. poly unsaturated fats

D. mono unsaturated fats

Did you know that both fish oil (a good oil) and corn oil (a not good oil) are both poly unsaturated?

Dr. Colbert discusses the types of fats that make up the cells of your body. He says “we need a balance of fats in our body.  That is partly why a low-fat diet is inherently unhealthy. “

I remember quite clearly when the low-fat craze began.  I would go grocery shopping and see “Low Fat” splashed across the top of so much packaging.  Somehow it just didn’t seem like the right path to take.  

I didn’t know why.

I just felt it inside of me.  

Don’t buy that,” I would hear inside.

So I didn’t buy those products.  After decades, I’m finally learning why I shouldn’t buy those products!

Dr. Colbert goes on to say that our brains are comprised of 60% fat.  Depriving your body and brain of essential fats will eventually cause us problems both physically and financially.  On page 102, you learn how healthy fats help your cell membranes, regulate inflammation and also improve your brain function and mood!  All this comes from knowing your fats and consuming good fat!

By changing our diet alone, we can become healthier and reduce sickness and illness that results from inflammation in our bodies.  We can also experience an increase in the quality and effectiveness of our brain function and mood.  But we must choose the right balance of foods!

Look around you today. There are millions of people who rely upon mind altering, mood altering substances to feel better.  All of these substances have side effects that hinder or even cripple brain function.  These products also have debilitating effects on the human body.

What exactly does this behavior say about us as human beings?  It says to me that people think:

It is easier to kill myself little bit at a time then to be responsible and change the way I’ve been eating all these years.

Yet, what lengths do we humans go to in order to feel, look and act younger?

Exercise our bodies.

Botox our wrinkles.

Use make up and beauty products for outward appearance.

But what good do these things do – if you are killing yourself by putting the wrong foods in your body?

Let’s challenge ourselves to educate ourselves for the price of a decent meal to purchase a book that will inform us on how to stop old eating patterns and begin eating healthy.  

Let’s know our fats for what they are, the good and the bad.  Let’s recognize how sugar is a killer not a day brightener.  Let’s face it – sugar is a killer, cancer’s favorite food!

When you start to feel discouraged about your Keto diet, remind yourself about the effects of sugar.

Sugar is a killer, not a helper.

Carbs or carbohydrates eventually turn into sugar in your body.

Starches eventually turn into sugar.

Our bodies don’t need the amount of sugar we feed them!

If you don’t want that feeling of brain fog, lethargy or starvation between meals…  you have to recognize sugar for what it really is and you must know your fats!

We can do this together!

Our healthy brain function and good mood are worth changing our diets over. 

We can choose foods that will help us live longer, healthier lives!


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