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We need to stay encouraged when we are on our Keto Journey. One way we do that is by setting goals. But sometimes our goal is too large to deal with all at once.  That is when we need to set intermediate goals. Learn more as guest blogger Dan Heiland is back again in this week’s "Your Keto Journey"©post. 


When you are on Your Keto Journey you are going to have some challenges to overcome. One of the big challenges you need to deal with is staying motivated and encouraged until you reach your goal.  That can be an issue on any goal.  But when you have a big goal or one that is particularly important to you, you need to have a good strategy to help you. 

 Knowing that these challenges are coming can help you deal with them. Planning ahead allows you to know how you want to react when they happen. 

 Let’s look at the goal aspect first. Start by figuring out what you want your ultimate goal to be.  Your goal could be that you want to lose 32 pounds and 4 inches off your waist. That is a great goal.  Let’s assume you do everything right and you don’t have any setbacks or hit any plateaus. Following the 1 pound per week weight loss guideline, you are looking at working toward that goal for 32 weeks or about 8 months. 

 That is a long time to be working on a goal. 

 So how do you stay encouraged for that long?

 To start with, you need to expect the process to take longer than that. To think that everything will go perfectly is unrealistic. Build in some time for life to happen. 

 Once you build that extra time in, you have a big goal with a realistic time frame. But the goal and the time frame are large now.  Large items can be hard to deal with. You need to break those large items down into manageable pieces. 


 You accomplish that by setting intermediate goals. 


You set intermediate goals by breaking your overall goal into smaller, more manageable sections.  

In the example I gave you of losing 32 pounds and 4 inches off your waist, your intermediate goals could be four sub goals of 8 pounds and one inch off your waist every three months. That gives you both a smaller goal and time frame.

This still gives you a year to achieve your overall goal, while giving you four sub goals that aren’t as large and are much easier to deal with.

As you achieve each sub goal, you can plan a reward to celebrate reaching each mark. Don’t overdo your intermediate rewards, remember the purpose of these sub goals is to help you keep yourself motivated. You still have to keep going until you reach your total goal. 

Avoid the temptation to stop short of the total goal. You had a reason for choosing that goal, don’t settle for achieving less. 

An example of this could be getting new clothes. When you lose that much weight, your clothes won’t fit properly anymore. But if you reward yourself with new clothes every three months as a reward for achieving your sub goal, you may be tempted to settle for less than your goal because you like the way the new clothes look. 

Saving the new clothes for when you reach your total goal, helps keep you motivated to finish. Choose a reward that will make you feel you have achieved something without tempting you to stop short of the ultimate goal.

By not getting new clothes as an interim reward, you will also have additional motivation to complete your goal.  While it is a good sign that your clothes have become loose, it is not fun having to make them look good when they aren’t your size any more.

That will help keep you serious about following the program and minimizing your “cheat days”.

Remember your sub goals are there to help you.  Just because you have set a certain time frame to achieve your goal, doesn’t mean that you have to take that long to achieve it.  Allow yourself to beat the goal and tie the interim rewards to achieving the goal regardless of how long it takes you to achieve it.

The time frame is there to help you, but it shouldn’t stop your journey.  If you happen to run into a plateau that takes you a little longer to figure out, concentrate on figuring it out.  The important part is the weight loss, not the amount of time it takes you to achieve it.

Using intermediate or sub goals is a great way to help you along Your Keto Journey.  Use them to keep yourself motivated and to help you along the way!


If you don’t quit, you will win!