Kat Heil: Deception Follows Deception

Deception Follows Deception

By Kat Heil


Short story series entitled:  Conversations You Hear

A clean read in the Kat Heil Fiction Series


Clopay Richardsen is a southern soul.  A grandmother affectionately known by family and friends as Clo or Clope.  She always knows the right thing to say to the weak, the ailing, the sick and the saint.


As you might guess, family ties are tight in small towns and everybody seems to know everybody else’s business.  But that doesn’t seem to bother the townsfolk.  Many of them have known each other and family members that have gone on before them.  They say it gives them a sense of peace and tranquility.  That is, until, the first murder…the first shooting…


Next, Clo is threatened by a note attached to a rock that is thrown into the window of her daughter-in-law.  The note is signed by “R”.  Just who is “R” and how does he or she fit into the murder, shooting, robbery or any of the other strange incidents that are taking place in this sleepy little town?


Detective O’Connor gets involved and quickly sees that as more seniors are dying, it’s not just because of old age.  There is something more to the mystery murders than meets the eye.  The detective promises to get to the bottom of these terrible crimes.  What’s more, the detective says that most all of his crimes are solved by having and listening to conversations.  Furthermore, via a headline in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Mr. O’Connor says that he’ll have the crimes solved within 7 days.  How is that possible?


What is it about conversations that tell us so much about other people?  Can conversations truly be used to solve murder mysteries?

Find out in Deception Follows Deception!

Publish Date
eBook format January 31, 2019
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