The second eBook in the Recipes for Life series is based on a true story on how persistent love can melt the coldest, most bitter and hateful heart into one that is warm, caring, and willing to love again.

Every gardener knows the secret to a good crop.  A little weeding, some new seed planting, and fresh water at every opportunity will turn a dry rut into a colorful harvest.  When the sun starts to shine, new growth appears.  Any gardener can tell you that this process will work every time!  It also works on the most stubborn of human hearts.  You see, my customer thought the purpose of the weekly trip to the store was to pick up a few necessary items.  What my customer didn't know, was that while taking her weekly trip to the store, her heart was being tended by love.  Life would soon be perceived as wonderful again!

You too, can be the gardener of the heart of someone you know whose heart has become a dry rut.  Take the time to pull the weeds, sow in some good seeds, and water every chance you get.  When you take the time to pull the weeds (hurt) from the heart of another, plant good seeds (new thoughts and ideas), and apply water liberally (love), all it takes is a little sunshine for new growth and vitality to appear.  Even the grumpiest souls cannot escape what happens naturally in a well-tended heart.

There is a reason you are wondering if you should read this book.  Perhaps you are struggling with a certain relationship in your life.  You want to do something about it.  What should you say?  What if they ignore you?  Perhaps you feel as if you have tried everything, but nothing seems to break down the barrier you are trying to overcome.  There is a way to create harmony again.  If you do not quit, there is a way to bridge the schism that separates you.  See how this Recipe For Life can work in your own life!

Publish Date
eBook format January 20, 2012